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Below are reminders of some IVHA processes for homeowners (members in our subdivision community).

Reminder on Fireworks in the Sub and Independence Township

Trailers & Campers: Trailers are not allowed to be stored or parked on subdivision lots, according to the IVHA deed restrictions (Part B, section 14, item c) .  We have recently noticed a number of residents who are storing trailers (travel trailers, work trailers, etc) on their property.  In fairness to all residents and in compliance of the deed restrictions, please make arrangements to store any trailers off-site, unless actively loading or unloading. 

Annual Dues for the association: All members of the association are required to pay an annual membership fee (maintenance charge or dues), which is billed to each household.  These dues are utilized toward the following types of expenses for the benefit of the entire subdivision:

  • Subdivision road clearing in the winter
  • Maintenance and care of the common areas - North Entrance (sign), cul-de-sacs, drainage, etc.
  • Insurance to protect the interests of association members
  • Improvement projects and enhancements of common property
  • Hosting fees for this web site
  • Miscellaneous expenses - meeting events, office supplies, postage, etc.

* Unpaid dues, after an extended period, will require that a lien be filed against the property with the Oakland County Clerk's office (Register of Deeds), until such dues are paid.  Details of annual fee requirements can be found in the Deed Restrictions for the subdivision.

Major improvements to your property: If you are planning for an addition to your home, adding a pool, a deck, an outbuilding or new structure of any kind; these improvements must be reviewed by the IVHA Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  According to our bylaws and the deed restrictions for the subdivision, the ACC and the board of directors for IVHA must review and approve any such plans, prior to the initiation of any construction.  For more information, please review the bylaws, which can be found here.

If you are planning any of the improvements mentioned above or as described in the bylaws and/or deed restrictions, please contact one of the IVHA board members or ACC members.  Please have your plans drawn up and available for review as described in the bylaws and deed restrictions, preferably in electronic format for ease of distribution.

If you have questions, feel free to write us via email at:


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Last modified: 05/17/14